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Our track record

Our strong cash generation from our sustainable and growing brands, combined with our efficient virtual business model, has allowed the financial support from our banking partners and public investors. This enables us to transact with confidence.

We have an excellent track record of deal-making:

  • Completed over 35 deals in 20 years
  • Acquired a range of Consumer Healthcare brands and Prescription Medicines
  • A mix of larger strategic/transformational deals (Cambridge Labs, Sinclair Pharma's healthcare products and Nizoral™ in APAC) and smaller bolt-on acquisitions

Below you'll find some recent highlights of successful partnerships.

The Kelo-Cote™ Story

Our patent-protected, clinically proven, silicone gel treatment for hypertrophic and keloid scar reduction, currently sold in more than 65 countries around the world.

Kelo-Cote™ revenues have grown three fold since the acquisition from Sinclair Pharma in 2015.

We have experienced the strongest growth in Asia Pacific region and mainland Europe. This performance has been driven by our planned marketing support, both at global and local level, launch of our global website and expanded engagement with G-Scars, promoting best practice in scar management globally.

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Kelo-Cote™ is now our largest and fastest growing brand

Ashton & Parsons™

Ashton & Parsons™ Teething Powders are a traditional herbal medicinal product used for the symptomatic relief of teething pain and the symptoms associated with teething. Sold in the UK only the brand receives limited but targeted promotional investment. The brand originated over 150 years ago and was acquired by Alliance in 2011 from Reckitt Benckiser.

We have successfully rejuvenated the brand. Originally just one product line, the brand now comprises two products and is sold in all major UK retailers and pharmacies. The Ashton & Parsons™ Teething Gel was launched last year. The brand is now well set to ensure future generations of babies and parents continue to benefit from this much loved brand.

*Source IRI Unit Sales. To verify contact us.

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Ashton & Parsons No1 Teething brand UK pharmacy*