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Our Financial Highlights for 2019

2019 saw continued strong growth and cash generation.

Continued strong performance from our International Star and other consumer brands, led by KELO-COTE™.

International sales saw another year of strong growth.

Results include the first full year’s revenues from NizoralTM (under Johnson & Johnson management); good progress made with the Nizoral transition and enhancement of our Asia Pacific operations.

Continued strong cash generation, with leverage now below 1.5x

To view in detail click here to download our 2019 Annual Report.

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See-through revenue*

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Underlying profit before tax

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Underlying adjusted basic EPS*

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Statutory revenue

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Reported profit before tax

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Reported basic EPS

Please view our five year financial summary below

Five Year Summary
Year ended 31 December 2015 £mYear ended 31 December 2016 £mYear ended 31 December 2017 £mYear ended 31 December 2018 £mYear ended 31 December 2019 £m
Operating profit before non-underlying items10.625.625.828.937.4
Non-underlying operating items(6.3)-4.4(5.3)(1.8)
Operating profit17.025.630.223.735.6
Profit before tax before non-underlying items11.022.223.928.132.9
Profit before tax after non-underlying items15.222.228.322.831.1
Intangible assets259.9264.8278.6335.2328.7
Tangible assets1.
Current assets27.849.349.158.765.0
Current liabilities31.850.361.491.724.2
Average shares in issue (millions)272.7469.4473.8497.2520.7
Shares in issue at period end (millions)468.2472.6475.0518.2529.4
Earnings per share – basic (p)4.653.856.083.694.80
Earnings per share – adjusted underlying basic (p)3.693.694.054.545.09

* Non-IFRS alternative performance measures (see note 34). See-through revenue includes sales from Nizoral as if they had been invoiced by Alliance. For statutory accounting purposes the product margin on Nizoral sales is included within Revenue, in line with IFRS 15
** The 2017 measure refers to the Underlying Adjusted Basic EPS as disclosed in the 2017 Annual Report which was adjusted to normalise the impact of significant changes in overseas tax rates.