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Our values

Our PRAISE values are at the heart of how we work together; they are central to what makes Alliance unique. However, it’s not just about achieving great results.

Our PRAISE values strongly underpin the fact that “how” we do business is as important as “what” we do, and our people are rewarded in line with that. This is where Alliance people exceed – we believe that by working together we will achieve more.

Our company PRAISE awards are aspirational and are awarded to outstanding contributions to the business either individually or as a team. Winners are rewarded by monthly recognition awards and a charity gift.

We PRAISE success

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  • Performance
  • Realism
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Skill
  • Entrepreneurship

"Our UK campaign boosted sales and strengthened the Kelo-CoteTM brand.”

With limited consumer awareness of the scar treatment category in the UK, we sought to develop a creative campaign with a key focus on empowering women, to support Kelo-Cote’s retail launch in Boots. We used pilot testing to ensure this message resonated with our target market: 18-50 year old women. Featuring real people with real scars, we ran an out-of-home billboard campaign in the UK during 2023, which delivered 60% sales increase at Boots and a 12 point increase in prompted brand awareness. Our campaign has since been recognised by the Pharmaceutical Marketing Society as Best Digital Brand Promotion.

"Our success is due to great teamwork and outstanding planning and delivery.”

Singles’ Day takes place in China every November. It is the world’s biggest shopping festival and a global e-commerce phenomenon. Following our success at the festival in 2022, our cross-functional team and our partners worked together closely to plan and accomplish an exceptional performance for Alliance products in 2023. We achieved +197% year-on-year growth and sales worth £3.0m during the festival We sold 144,000 units of our products and close to one million people visited our Tmall store and live-streaming shows.

"We take responsibility for ethical conduct in all of our business operations.” 

During 2023, we continued to focus on ethical and legal compliance, which is fundamentally important to our business. We launched our Employee Code of Conduct, continued to embed our Partner Code of Conduct and strengthened our suite of policy documents. Employees and other stakeholders now have access to Safecall, an independent speak up helpline that is available in every country in which we operate. In addition, we introduced a new, more comprehensive programme of online compliance training to upskill our employees and contractors.

"We work hard to ensure the integrity of our products and supply chain.”

As a business, we value integrity in all of our operations and this extends to our products and supply chain. Counterfeiting and illicit trade put our consumers and patients at risk of serious adverse health effects and deprive them of the benefits that our products bring. We work closely with government agencies, law enforcement and other organisations to prevent, detect and respond to illicit trade. In 2023, we substantially reduced counterfeiting of Kelo-CoteTM in China through security measures, which include monitoring, investigations and raids. Further anti-counterfeiting measures will follow in 2024.

"Our skilled colleagues step up when faced with a challenge.”

The regulatory transition from the European Medical Device Directive (“MDD”) to the complex and detailed new Medical Device Regulation (“MDR”) has required painstaking and meticulous work from our cross-functional team; necessitating extensive engagement with regulators and notifying bodies to clarify guidance. The new legislation did impact the supply of certain products in 2023, but we worked hard to resolve the situation effectively. We welcome the higher safety standards of the MDR and, thanks to our skilled team, we remain on track in terms of compliance with all affected products now back in stock

"I have learned more at Alliance than I could have imagined.”

The Alliance graduate development programme has given me the opportunity to explore and develop my entrepreneurial skills. I was encouraged to choose my own pathway and to step up to hold leadership responsibilities on major projects. The highlight so far has been my three-month rotation in Singapore - an exciting and dynamic environment where I helped to launch Kelo-Cote on ecommerce sites in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Exceptional mentoring and support have allowed me to really contribute to the success of the business, and I am excited about my future at Alliance.